About Me

Hello, I'm Jennie.

A mama, foodie and restaurant consultant at Jenjuice Hospitality, a F&B consultancy based in Dallas and New York City.  With 28 years of experience in the hospitality industry, I’ve owned/ operated eight restaurants; two nightclubs; one hotel, and consulted for multiple award-winning dining establishments. My hospitality network is deeply rooted in creating F&B Destinations, communities, and helping passionate foodies & entrepreneurs transform their ideas to thriving  destinations.

Why CANVA templates?

Every week, I meet foodie entrepreneurs on Instagram, Facebook, and referrals, who have great ideas but can’t present their ideas on paper. So, THE RESTAURANT STARTUP TEMPLATE SHOP was born. 

The  DIY CANVA templates are perfect for non-graphic designers who want a stylish branded pitch deck, and  business plan to show off their idea to investors and friends.


Why Restaurant Coaching?

Restaurant Coaching started with friends of friends who dream of opwning their own business with no experience. Yes, restaurants are closing everyday but why start big and crush your dreams, start small! Farmer’s market to private pop-up dinners, It’s possible!

From a bake shop, coffee shop,  dog-friendly cafe to an italian restaurant and bars lounge, I’ve seeen it all.

JY at Asbury 2016


Concept Clarity

Starting a bake shop, cafe or coffee shop? Operational assessment? Building a brand? We can help! With 28+ years of experience, I hav resources, valuable insight, and strategies to coach you to success!