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About Me

Hello, I'm Jennie

A creative hospitality consultant, foodie, mom, and restaurant consultant at Jenjuice Hospitality a food and beverage consultancy based in Dallas via New York City.  

With 28 years experience in the hospitality industry, I’ve partners with eight restaurants; two nightclubs; one hotel, and consulted for multiple award-winning establishments from NYC to Bangkok.

My connection in the hospitality industry is deeply rooted in creating communities for like-minded people. Helping passionate foodies & entrepreneurs transform their ideas and build their own food service company is our reward!

Why I created these templates for the hospitality industry?

Everyday I meet food service entrepreneurs who have a great idea but can’t present their ideas on paper so THE TEMPLATE SHOP was born. These  easy-to-use Canva templates are perfect for non-graphic designers who need a quick easy template to brand themselves cohesively and show off professionally. 

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First, we recommend you download the freebies and get your ideas on paper. Next, purchase the template and make your edits in CANVA:  content, logo, photos, brand colors & more.


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Workbooks & Resources

Check out our free workbooks and resources to jump start your concept.



Business Templates

Browse and choose the perfect template for your project. All DIY Canva templates are easy, quick and saves time. All you need is a free CANVA count.



1:1 Hospitality Business Coaching

Let’s chat and work on your project together. Learn more about The Virtual Coffee Shop via Zoom

" The Virtual Coffee Shop"
What if I told you we can sit, side-by-side (via Zoom) and complete your project?

As a previous restaurant/hotel owner, F&B Director, and Manager, I know how difficult it was when I first started. I had  A LOT of questions but not many answers, so I wanted to create a “The Virtual Coffee Shop” where we can meet and help food service entrepreneurs get their questions answered, so Restaurant Business Startup was born. 

Think of us as your Restaurant Therapist.  We can help.

Our Core Values