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Foodie Business Templates

Calling all Foodie Entrepreneurs. From Business plans, Menu e-books, Consulting Agreements, and Elevator Pitch Workbooks to Opening a Foodie Business Checklist, we’ve got you covered. All DIY Canva templates save time and are super easy and quick to complete. Have a look.




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Virtual "Restaurant" Assistant

How about a VA from the restaurant business that can work on your TO-DO LIST, starting at $45/hr: From Administrative Tasks, Menu & TO-GO Design, Branded Social Media, Sourcing, Market Research, Design with CANVA, and more!


Virtual "Restaurant" Coach

From opening a small coffee shop, bake shop, food hall kiosk, bar, local restaurant to a pop-up food idea, we have 25+ years of experience to guide you.

By working side-by-side, we’ll reduce your to-do list and achieve your goals quicker than doing it alone. Just think of us as your hands-on virtual project manager.  

Purchase your hours, Rates begin at $45/ hour

  •  > 10 hours
  •  > 25 hours
  •  > 40 hours 


Restaurant Coach

We’ve heard it all and want to help ease your restaurant pain points and questions. From operational restructuring, new branding, refreshing the interior design space, startup costs, partner strategy, menu development, spatial layout, staffing issues  to financial budgeting, let’s talk!

Let’s show your best side to potential investors and/or current partners. We’ll set up reachable goals and find realistic solutions to solve your pain points with ease.


"I enjoyed working with Jennie very much! An elite in the hospitality industry- the best advisor you could hire to take your business to another level"


"Working with Jennie was so helpful in getting my restaurant ideas into a visual business plan which efficiently pitches my concept to investors, banks, etc becoming vital to securing capital. Her coaching tips, resources, and step-by-step templates organized my thoughts and cut my time in half. I am really proud of the presentation."